Monday, August 12, 2019

Muslims celebrate ‘Feast of Sacrifice’, Eid-ul-Adha

Muslims will celebrate Eid-ul-Adha today, the “Feast of Sacrifice”, which on the Muslim calendar is one of the significant events. Cows, bulls, camels, goats and sheeps will be sacrificed during the three-day merriments as a symbolic sign resonating Nabi Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son (Christian narrative of Abraham and Isaac).

‘’Days of remembrance’’ will be celebrated, partaking in sacred rituals commemorating imperative religious manifestations as recorded in the Quran. The animal’s meat will be divided in to three parts- the first third goes to the family who slaughtered the animal, then the second third goes to the relatives, meanwhile the final third must be given to the needy and poor.

The Fund would perform Qurbani at Saratoga Farm in Philippi from today until Thursday, was said by Sakeena Bock, from the South African National Zakah, a non-profit, public benefit and faith-based organisation. The public is invited to view the sacrifice, which will take place from 8am to noon, and from 2pm to 4pm over this period. Most operation Qurbani recipients in Southern Africa lived in rural areas where they depended on subsistence farming and were showed to lengthy periods of chronic food insecurity, drought and where poverty often led to hunger. 

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