Cape Town Law Enforcement Officers, officers came under attack

Cape Town Law Enforcement and SAPS officers came under attack last week.

The first incident occurred on Thursday, when traffic officers arrested the driver of a Toyota Avanza taxi for producing false documentation. The suspect was taken to Philippi East Police Station.

Mayco member for safety and security JP Smith says that when the vehicle owner arrived at the police station, he admitted that the license plate and disc were from one of his other vehicles, and he too was arrested for allowing the driver to operate the vehicle with the fraudulent documents.

‘’While officers were busy processing the suspects, the owner contacted his wife to collect their possessions, but instead, a group of about 40 taxi drivers and owners stormed the police station, gained entry and demanded that both suspects be set free immediately. When the group saw that their demands will not be met they violently grabbed the suspects in the room and in the scuffle pushed a traffic officer against one of the tables.’’

‘’Fortunately, two detectives who were in the room intervened and prevented them from assaulting the officer. The group then managed to free the suspects and left the police station.  The station commander activated a 72-hour plan of action to have the suspects re-arrested. Criminal cases for possession of fraudulent documents and escape from lawful custody were opened,’’ added Smith.

In a separate incident, Metro Police officers were attacked by community members in Lotus River on Friday.

The officers while on patrol spotted a man who appeared suspicious and ran when he saw the Metro Police. The suspect is believed to have carried drugs on him. According to the Grassy Park CPF, the one officer gave chase and caught the man. As his partner came to assist him, they were pelted with stones damaging the City of Cape Town vehicle.

According to reports, the community members freed the suspect who is alleged, says the CPF, to have gang connections. One officer sustained injuries to his arm and neck.  Rubber bullets were fired.  A case was opened at the Grassy Park Police Station.

The Grassy Park’s CPF condemned the incident.

“These attacks cannot be tolerated. It is a sad reflection of the lawlessness of some elements in our society. We view such attacks on police and law enforcers as an attack on the State and the culprits should be severely punished.” said Mr Melvin Jonkers, Chairperson of the Grassy Park CPF

Smith condemned the incident and asked the public to report illegal activities.

‘’It’s a sad day when we have people coming to the aid of suspects in the manner that we witnessed in these incidents. Communities should not allow a few perpetrators who attack  enforcement staff to empower criminals in their neighbourhoods. If anyone has seen or knows anything, we ask that they call the City's Public Emergency Communication Centre with information about these attacks. The persons who obstructed justice for goodness knows what end, could be victims next time round, at the hands of the same individuals they helped escape.’’


Done By: Mitchum George