Public transport service providers are considering suspending their services due to protests

Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works Daylin Mitchell said he was informed of two Cape Town’s taxi associations Cata and Codeta going on a peaceful strike on Thursday. He said that he was aware that they will present a memorandum containing a set of grievances that they have as an industry, especially those operating in townships.

 “I have received reports of attacks on Golden Arrow buses, of infrastructure being set on fire, and of other damage to private property. I have been informed of injuries to people of this city. This is unacceptable. The Western Cape Government strongly condemns these violent acts,” he said.

Mitchell said while he respects the right of aggrieved parties to protest, violence and destruction weakens the hand of the protesters and undermines the rights of others.

He they are public transport service providers who are considering suspending their services to protect property, assets and the lives of staff and commuters.

“This will have a severe impact on people travelling to and from work, school and to access services such as healthcare. We cannot afford this while our economy is only starting to show recovery from two very tough years. These senseless acts are putting jobs at risk. They are putting lives at risk,” Mitchell said.

by Everngelista Muza


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