More delays to re-open Charlotte Maxeke hospital due to copper theft

DA’s Gauteng Shadow MEC for Health Jack bloom, said that there had been more theft of copper pipes at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital. He said that this has caused a delay of re-opening the facilities planned for 14 March.

He said that despite R40 million a year spent on hospital security, security personnel failed at protecting the hospital from the on-going theft of copper pipes, and more than 500 metres of electrical cable and new electrical distribution boards.

He said this follows the theft last year of R30 million of copper pipes after the fire in 16 April forcing the closure of the hospital. He added that the security company should be fired, and further investigations should be done as to whether this was an inside job.

Bloom said the effect of this latest theft was disastrous as other hospitals were unable to cope with casualty patients that should be treated at their hospital.

images:24 news

by Everngelista Muza


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