Winde Fires Albert Fritz As Sexual Assault Scandal Confirmed

Western Cape MEC Albert Fritz has been officially removed from office by Premiere Alan Winde after the Federal Executive concluded its investigation into sexual assault allegations.

The investigation concluded Sunday and confirmed Fritz was involved in sexual misconduct. In a statement released Tuesday, Winde said the content of the report was disturbing.

"Having gone through this report carefully, it is clear to me that Mr. Fritz is not a fit and proper person to hold any position in my executive council," Winde said. 

The investigation concluded there is sufficient evidence Fritz engaged in sexual misconduct, alcohol abuse and grooming. There is also evidence suggesting Fritz created an environment conducive to sexual harassment and taking advantage of young women. 

The report came from advocate Jennifer Williams, who was appointed by the State Attorney on behalf of Alan Winde as an external investigator to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations against Fritz. 

The DA Federal Executive gave Fritz 24 hours to supply reasons why he should not be fired and suspended from DA party activities. 

Fritz was suspended last month as the investigation into sexual assault allegations took place. 

By Ben Rappaport


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