Nearly R500k heroin confiscated at CTIA

A 50-year-old suspect will spend the long weekend behind bars after he was found with almost half a million rand of drugs at the Cape Town International Airport.

The police’s Malcolm Pojie said members attached to Border Police were busy conducting normal profiling on Wednesday, when they noticed the suspect who acted in a suspicious, nervous way as he awaited his flight abroad in the departure hall.

‘’They approached the suspect to verify his passport and travelling documents. During the interview he appeared to become even more agitated which created more suspicion and led officers to inspect his luggage.’’

‘’Upon checking the luggage, they discovered 2kg of heroin concealed in a false compartment inside the lining of his suitcase. The substance is estimated at a value of about R480 000,’’ said Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie.

The police spokesperson said the drugs was sent to SAPS forensic laboratory for analysis.

The suspect has since appeared in the Bellville Magistrates’ court on Thursday, for dealing in drugs, relating to the contravention of Drug and Drug Trafficking Act.

The case was postponed to 29 December 2022 for formal bail application.


Done By: Mitchum George


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