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Elsies River community to march against rise in gang violence in Leonsdale

The Elsies River Community Policing Forum (CPF) will on Sunday hold a peace march following a spate of suspected gang shootings in the area. This comes as three people were gunned down in Leonsdale, earlier this week. It is further reported that three people were also shot and killed, last weekend.


Elsies River CPF chairperson, Hamish Arries, expressed concern about the escalation of violent shootings in Sector 3, Leonsdale. He expressed his condolences and deep concern to the Dammas family of 11th Avenue Leonsdale following the fatal shooting of 24 year old Lameese Dammas, earlier this week. Arries knew the deceased personally as she was a regular attendee at workshops at the local library.

‘’We appeal the parties to the current conflict to not engage in tit for tat retaliation that only results in more deaths. It is also important that the shooters and weapons be apprehended and removed from our streets,’’ said Hamish Arries, Elsies River CPF chairperson

The CPF will also host a community imbizo in the hope of finding solutions to the scourge.

‘’This area is caught in a vice grib of lawlessness. There has been a flare up of gang violence. To us, as a CPF, we cannot sit idly on what is happening in the community. Anyone is welcome. The invitations went out to broader community and interfaith, and also for mommies and daddies [sic] to come out to show solidarity for the SAPS, and CPF, to come forward and have your say on the ongoing gang violence in our community. People are tired of the violence. We are caught in the vice grip of the lawlessness, we cannot move freely in our communities which is painful,’’ said Arries.

‘’There is a call made to faith organisations to pray for the safe keeping of our communities, especially our children and cleaning our streets spiritually. This is not the first and will not be the last. We previously had a walk in Avonwood,'' he added.


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