Monday, June 24, 2024

Security guard shot and killed in Athlone

A security guard was shot and killed in Athlone in the early hours of Monday.

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Police spokesperson, Captain F.C van Wyk, said officers attended to a complaint of a shooting incident in Rylands and found the victim deceased in his company vehicle. The victim was declared deceased on the scene by medical personnel.

‘’Athlone police registered a murder case following a shooting incident early this morning (Monday, 2024-06-24) at about 03:45 at the corner of Ernst Road and Old Klipfontein Road, Rylands, where a 51 year old man was shot and fatally wounded,’’ said Captain F.C van Wyk.

Van Wyk says the motive is unknown at this stage

This incident follows a similar attack on two security guards in Phillipi East last Wednesday. They were ambushed while escorting employyess who worked for a company in the township.

‘’The circumstances surrounding a shooting incident on Wednesday 19 June 2024, in Bekela informal settlement, Philippi East, where two males aged 22 and 25 were shot and fatally wounded are under investigation. Police members were on duty when they attended to a shooting complaint at Stock Road where they found a white Toyota Avanza with the driver inside who sustained gunshot wounds to his body. Next to the vehicle they found another body of a man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds sustained to his body. Both victims were declared deceased on the scene by the medical. personnel. The motive for the attack is yet to be determined. The unknown suspect/s are yet to be arrested,’’ said Anelisiwe Manyana, Western Cape SAPS spokesperson.

Gun violence has claimed another in Phillipi East, also on Wednesday night, but in Phola Park, where a man was shot dead after he heard a knock on his front door to see who it was.


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