Thursday, July 31, 2008

Animals starve on Robben Island

By Cindy Witten
31 July 2008

The SPCA says they are committed to finding the best possible way to solve the issue concerning wild animals living on Robben Island.

The organisation received reports that populations of non-endemic wildlife on Robben Island were starving and in a poor condition after suffering from malnutrition due to depletion of natural grazing areas.
The SPCA assessed the condition and well-being of the animals and will make recommendations regarding the immediate dilemma of the animals.

At the time, many of the animals risked starvation due to severe over-grazing as a result of over-population.

“These species are particularly fallow deer and european rabbit. As an organisation committed to prevention of cruelty to animals, we are working closely with the conservation authorities, as well as Robben Island nature reserve authorities to find the most humane solution to this issue,” said Sarah Scarth, communications manager for the Cape of Goodhope SPCA.

Following this meeting, the SPCA submitted a full report to the authorities with recommendations to prevent further avoidable suffering of any animal. These included the need for supplementary feeding, provision of water points and mineral licks, as well as parasite control measures.


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