Wednesday, July 30, 2008

City’s spending reaches record highs

By Cindy Witten
30 July 2008

The City of Cape Town has reached record highs with regards to spending over the 2007/2008 financial year. Provisional figures show that the City of Cape Town has spent a record R3,1 billion on capital projects.

Mayoral committee member for Finance, Ian Neilson, says that the money was definitely spent constructively.
“Upgrades to water sewerage works for example, increases in cemetery space and upgrading to cemeteries, improvements to our electricity supply system, improvements to roads, and general upgrading of all our services across the city,” said Nielson.

According to Nielson, the tremendous efforts of the past two years of rebuilding the City organisation, improving cash flows to their services, collecting consumer debts and better project administration, is paying off in a better serviced city.
“We need to keep the momentum of delivery up at these levels so that we can overcome the backlogs and unlock development further."


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