Sunday, July 27, 2008

European Union insists on a transitional government for zimbabwe

By Mishkah Anthony
27 July 2008

The European Union insists that a transitional government should be established in Zimbabwe.

Current chair of the EU, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and President Thabo Mbeki released a joint statement after the first EU-SA summit held in France on Friday.

The EU stresses that Zimbabwe’s transitional authority should respect the will of the people, as expressed in the March election.

Speaking at the conference Mbeki said “it is important that the Zimbabwean political parties should move forward as a matter of urgency, to reach an agreement among them, addressing the challenge of the formation of an inclusive government.”

Mbeki says when this challenge is finally met they should work towards a common programme to take Zimbabwe forward.

“I think everybody in the world wants that to happen as a matter of urgency” Mbeki added.

Officials are optimistic about the progress made in negotiations in South Africa between Zimbabwe's ruling party and the opposition. The aim is to conclude in two weeks time.


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