Thursday, July 10, 2008

Premier holds anti-drug campaign

By Cindy Witten
10 July 2008

Premier Ebrahim Rasool will hold the ‘There is hope’ anti-drug campaign at 10h00 today and will be running from Thursday to Saturday and starts at 10h00.
The campaign, which aims to promote drug awareness, will kick off at Parow Mall will move around to malls in the Cape.

Lunga Luthuli, from Hip Hop Media, the company co-ordinating the campaign, says that the initiative hopes to attract as many people so as to better the understanding of the drug epidemic.

“The main idea is to take it to the people and let people know about the drug. It’s also about letting people where to get help. Tik is a devastating drug which has been out there,” said Luthuli.
“The whole idea is to let people know that there is help for those who are addicted.”


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