Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cape Chamber calling for better solutions to the electricity crisis

Lusanda Bill
03 September 2014

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made demands on the electricity crisis.

The Chamber said reducing the demand for electricity is the quickest and the cheapest way to deal with the crisis.

Cape Chamber President Janine Myburgh says it is not realistic to expect Eskom to run electricity saving schemes simply because they are the power utility.

Myburgh said the retail price of electricity is now so high but a lot of alternatives have become viable to supplement or even replace grid electricity.

“Due to this approach is that it would be funded by the private sector and should not require any subsidy” Myburgh added.

Cape Chamber President Janine Myburgh said subsidising consumers or manufactures does not make sense.  What we need to do is help the manufactures or products like solar water heaters and technical assistance to bring down cost and more competition in the industry.



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