Wednesday, February 25, 2015

MEC Plato says the main aim is to keep citizens safe

Oscar Thomas
25 February 2015

Western Cape MEC of Community Safety said the ultimate aim is to make sure that citizens in the province are safe and secure in their daily lives.

He said the issue of illegal firearms that are used by gangs is a big concern.

MEC Plato said we need more convictions as the conviction rate in the province is still very well.

He added that the department is focusing on youth in the province.

Plato said I’m busy with a drive on the Cape Flats, last week I visited Nyanga,

Phillipi Browns Farm area,Nyanga central the week before I visited Scotts Dean.

I visited Manenberg,Sunday past I was in Manenberg again to do some follow up work in that area and the reaching out to the youngsters work.

We try to communicate to the youth that we do have the answer towards their future.

Meanwhile MEC Plato said police need to make many more arrests of gangs in the province.

He added that the department is consistently talking to the police to find ways in making more arrests within the gang world in the province.

Plato said the police knows who’s the top people involved, the top dogs in gangster and drug world.

Plato said why is it that the police can’t get those top dogs behind bars but the guy that is the runner, running around with one stop dagga and one small packet of tik that guy gets his four to five years in jail but the top guys never end up in jail.

“It is only a fraction of them ending up in jail which the public is well aware of as we constantly are still in arguments with the police about this issue” Plato added.



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