Thursday, February 19, 2015

President Zuma: SA a success story and will continue to be one

Lusanda Bill
19 February 2015

President Jacob Zuma said South Africa is a success story and will continue to be despite the legacy of apartheid. He was replying to the State of the Nation Address debate which took place Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  

President Zuma also condemned the recent violence and looting of foreign-owned shops in Soweto. He said there is no justification for this type of conduct in any community.  He urged support to local entrepreneurs and eliminate possibilities for criminal elements to exploit local frustrations.

During his address in Parliament President Zuma also touched on education saying education remains an apex priority and that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme remains a significant instrument in opening doors of learning to poor and working class.

Concerning health 2.7 million South Africans are on antiretroviral medication and 3 590 public health facilities are now initiating patients with ARV treatment. He said in the country the stigma around HIV and Aids is slowly being eradicated.

Then Labour laws and amendenments will be coming into effect this year and it will see restriction of the length of contract work as it will not exceed three months.

President Jacob Zuma also addressed the chaos that erupted last week Thursday during SONA.  “We all have a responsibility to make Parliament work. We must ensure that our people do not lose confidence in Parliaments ability to discharge its important constitutional responsibility to produce legislation aimed at improving the quality of their lives” Zuma added.



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