Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WC MEC OF Health to tackle burning health care issues

Mbasa Gqokoma

24 February 2015

Western Cape MEC of Health Nomafrench Mbombo says issues such as the burden of diseases is one of the main challenges that her department will be tackling in her time.

 MEC Mbombo says burning issues in the province include the waiting times, shortage of chronic medication and staff attitudes.

 In the province 74 percent of the total population of 6.1 million people rely on public services and there has been an increase of 2 percent in terms of people using the services.

 Tomorrow we hearing the National Minister of Finance tabling the budget.

It’s unlikely that for the next three years or so we will have any budget boost because in real terms.

We might have the largest budget compared to other departments or even half compared to other provinces but in real terms you don’t see much of the increase because of the kingd of challenges we have

Meanwhile MEC Mbombo says her department is always tackling alcohol abuse in the province. 

She added that overcrowding in hospitals is a major concerns as most injuries can be treated in clinics rather than hospitals.

MEC Mbombo says there needs to be a patient centred approach quality of care.

Most instances it has been always centred around the health worker, It’s the nurse or the doctor focus but now we want it to be a patient so that their experience form part of in terms of the delivery of the health care.

Because most of them have indicated the issue of staff attitude, the issue of some complaining about dirty toilets, not only about the staff attitude.

So how do we provide a quality care that a patient can feel satisfied with, Mbombo added.



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