Friday, February 27, 2015

Proposal to lower blood alcohol level on the table

Oscar Thomas
27 February 2015

Today is the last day for the public to make their submissions on the proposed lowering of blood alcohol level to zero. 

Currently the National Road Traffic Amendment Bill allows for drivers to have up to two alcohol beverages. 

However the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works said it has strong reservations about the current proposal but fully supports the need for continual review of the legislation.

Ministerial Spokesperson Siphesihle Dube said while we at the Western Cape Transport Public Works support the need for continual review of the legislation to ensure that it’s appropriate for the South African contexts and AIDS as a continued fight against drunk driving.

Dube said we have strong reservations on the current proposals as there are still is no scientific evidence that exists that the current levels are acceptable.

Dube said if they were to be reduced they would decline the number of accidents and deaths on our roads.

“We also have no proof that shows that drivers that have had no alcohol are safer than drivers that have consumed alcohol within the current limit” Dube added.



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