Friday, February 27, 2015

Suspects to appear in court for 13 bags of Dagga

Oscar Thomas
27 February 2015

Four suspects aged between 34 and 46-years-old who have been charged with dealing in dagga at Sammestroom farm are expected to appear in court on the 2nd of March. 

The suspects were arrested following a tip-off police from the community about illegal activity taking place on a farm in the area.

Sergeant Yanga Ngcukana said when police arrived on the scene they pounced on a Kia SUV that was about to flee the scene and managed to block it.

Ngcukana said when the driver saw the police he drove off leaving his counterparts behind.

“They tried to run away but they were caught by the police and when we check the scene we found 13 black bags filled with dagga that is estimated at about R400 000 on the street market” Ngcukana added.



At Friday, 27 February, 2015, Blogger Bhang Man said...

Busted for DAGGA? - We are NOT CRIMINALS !!!


No matter how big or small the arrest, whether charged with possession of thousands of plants or just one gram, #JoinTheQueue is here for you. Fields of Green for ALL will assist any citizen who has been arrested and charged under South Africa’s unjust and unconstitutional Cannabis prohibition laws for possession, cultivation or dealing.

Busted for DAGGA? - We are NOT CRIMINALS !!!

If you or anyone that you know get busted for cannabis possession whether it is for as little as a joint or as much as hundreds of plants remember that the option exists for you to #JoinTheQueue

The more people who do this the better for our legalisation movement. The aim is to block up the court rolls with as many Stays of Prosecution nationwide as humanly possible, which will exert more pressure on the South African government to change our unjust laws concerning dagga.
You can either contact the Dagga Couple at :
The Dagga Party leader - Jeremy Acton at :

They can help you with all of the paperwork that you would need to apply for your Stay of Prosecution.

Please remember to pass this information on to your dagga growing/using friends, relatives and neighbours!


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