Mitchell's Plain Festival allocated funding is not enough, says City council members

The KykNet & Kie Mitchell’s Plain Festival is Cape Town’s biggest community festival attracting more than 40 000 people over a span of 3days. The festival features more than 60 local artists, DJ’s, entertainers, over 150 local SMME’s vendors, military display, amusement parks, and free medical tests

The festival is a major event on the Cape Flats that draws together businesses, SMME’s youth, community organisations, government departments, media, consumers and residents of Mitchell’s plain & Khayelitsha annually to celebrate the Cape Flats Diversity.

The first event was hosted in 2009 and the festival, according to the City of Cape Town, has grown by an average of 20% on an annual basis.

Recently, the City of Cape Town’s council has approved a 3-year- sponsorship agreement with the cycle of Life for KykNet & kie Mitchell’s plain Festival until the 2024-2025 financial years.

The council approved that an amount of R700 000 be disbursed for this year’s event from the City’s event budget, R735 000 for next year’s event, and R771 750 in the 2024/25 financial year

Cape Coloured Congress leader Fadiel Adams said the proposed funding was what he deems a pittance and the amount must be doubled. According to Adams, the City spent millions on motorsport, which he said was a white-dominated event for the elite and the privileged.

“The festival is our reminder of what our locals can do. The DA, true to its roots, undervalues all that coloured people can achieve. Events in communities of colour will forever receive small change from a DA that exists to pander to a minority. We agree to the funding in principle, but we cannot agree with the amount being contributed.”

EFF ward councillor Patricia Booi said although the party supported the festival, the City needed to invest more money into these festivals and events of its kind in other poor communities.

‘’These festivals not only created opportunities for the unemployed and local traders, they inspired the youth as they looked forward to showcasing their talent as an alternative to drug use and gangsterism.’’

ANC ward councillor Banele Majingo said the party supported the budget, however he said the money allocated needs to be spent in a better way

Elton jansen who is the Ward 43 Councillor and Sub-Council 17 Chairperson says because of the COVID-19 lockdown, M/Plain was deprieved of attending events and that he is elated that the M/Plain Festival is back

The M/Plain Festival this year takes place between the 2nd and 4th of December


PICTURE: Mitchell's Plain Festival

Compiled by: Mitchum George


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