Monday, February 09, 2015

14 schools drop leave to appeal

Oscar Thomas
09 February 2015

The 14 schools in the Western Cape that filed leave to appeal against a decision by the Constitutional Court regarding the school closures have withdrawn the appeal. 

The Western Cape Department of Education had proposed to the schools that they will start the process again. 

The WCED said it will also look at the situation as a whole in the province and in the event that closure is recommended again, new notices will be published. 

Ministerial Spokesperson Jessica Shelver said we made this offer despite the unanimous judgement of the Supreme Court appeal in our favour.

"This agreement does not mean that the school are to close down but it merely means that the best interest of the learners will be served because any processes can proceed without further delay taken into account any possible change in circumstances since the decision to close the schools was initially taken” Shelver added.



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