Over crowded classrooms become a concern with full time learning in South Africa

Source: The Daily Maverick

many have welcomed the idea of full time learners back in the classroom, education activists are calling on the government to deal with the issue of overcrowded schools in the Western Cape.

Congress of South African Students (Cosas) provincial secretary Mphumzi Giwu said that they were concerned about overcrowded township schools experiencing an influx.Giwu said the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has over time ignored their call to engage with the former Model C schools about their standard operating procedures with regards to their intake and management of that intake. Over 18,000 new learners are entering schools in the providence, and Covid-19 has not changed that.

Progressive Principals Association (PPA) spokesperson Anthea Adriaanse said, while they promoted the full-time return to school for all learners, teachers need to adapt to a class scenario of 45 plus learners.

Students lost a lot of lesson time during rotational learning, and teachers will have to play catch up. The minister has partly to the question about safety, saying that there should be minimal movement in and out of school by members of the public. Several incidents have happened in the past where parents would enter schools to attack teachers. School should be a place of consistency and knowledge for students.

By: Alexandria Gregson