Nestle South Africa Recalls KitKat Products

Nestle Recalls Certain KitKat Products After finding Glass in Candy

Nestle South Africa has announced a voluntary recall on a limited number of KitKat products after finding glass during quality control and safety inspections.

The company has not received any complaints or reported injuries. It is said that they are taking precautionary measures after having discovered the pieces of glass. The recalled products are voluntary and have a specific code on the label.

Nestle has said that anyone who has a contaminated product should return it to their store of purchase to receive a full refund.

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The following products have been recalled:

NESTLÉ KIT KAT 2 Finger Milk 36x20g UTZ MB
Product codes: 13590177, 13600177, 13620177, 13630177, 13640177, 20010177, 20100177
Best before dates: 30 September 2022 & 31 October 2022

NESTLÉ KIT KAT Mini Bag Milk 32x200g UTZ
Product codes: 20120177, 20010177, 20020177, 20030177, 13620177, 13600177, 13610177
Best before dates: 30 September 2022 & 31 October 2022

By: Alexandria Gregson