Thursday, February 03, 2022

South Africa Hits Goal of 30Million Vaccinated

South Africa has finally hit its goal of 30 million vaccines administered in the country. The government had hoped to reach this milestone before the end of 2021, but failed to get people to queue up to get the jab. As of Wednesday night 30,031,000 shots were administered.

The latest data shows 175 more Covid-19 related deaths have been confirmed by the Health Department. Fifteen of these fatalities occurred in the past 48 hours. This is due to an ongoing audit exercise by the National Department of Health, there may be a backlog of Covid-19 mortality cases reported. This brings the total death toll to 95,463. The country also reported another 4,502 people who have been infected. This brings the positivity rate to 11.3%. The recovery rate of Covid-19 in the country is 95.8%.

By: Alexandria Gregson

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