Coalition Calls for Halt on R50 million Donation to Cuban Hunger Issues, Cite Domestic Need

Civil societies across South Africa have denounced the country's plan to donate R50 million to Cuba's hunger problems. 

A coalition of more than 50 civil societies, including the Chefs with Compassion, Ladles of Love, Food Forward SA and The Angel Network, said the donation would be "a gross misallocation of funds."

The coalition said they fight to end hunger, but this donation was made without the consultation of central stakeholders. The coalition also said they believe the funds could be better served addressing domestic hunger problems. 

According to the Department of Health Affairs, about 11 percent of South Africans are food insecure. 

A petition has also been started by the coalition to halt the donation plans. They are also requesting a meeting with the President to discuss these issues.   

The announcement of the intended donation was made by Department of International Relations and Cooperation Deputy (DIRCO) Minister Alvin Botes, on February 2, to the department’s Parliamentary Portfolio Committee.

Chairperson of the committee, Supra Mahumapelo, said the donation enriched cooperation efforts between South Africa and Cuba. He also called on the United States to end its embargo with Cuba, citing the ongoing economic struggles caused by COVID-19.  

By Ben Rappaport


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