CoCT urges EFF to remove National Shutdown posters or face more fines

The City of Cape Town says it is in the process of removing EFF posters regarding the National Shutdown, across the metro.


PICTURE - Twitter @EFF_Cape_Metro: Ward 32 in Atlantis, Zone 3 led by the Branch Chairperson erecting the National Shutdown poster

In his capacity as the Mayco member for spatial planning and environment, Eddie Andrews, said to date, the City has removed 400 posters in Cape Town and the charge for the removal is R514 per poster. Andrews said the removal cost stands, as of Thursday, at more than R205 000.

‘’The EFF erected [the posters] illegally across the metro over the past few weeks. Furthermore, the party will be charged for the removal of these posters in accordance with the City’s Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law,’’ said Andrews.

According to Andrews, the EFF was not granted permission by the municipality to erect the posters advertising their shutdown.

‘’Councillor Mzubanzi Dambuza, the EFF's Chief Whip, was informed in February 2023 that these posters would not be allowed as it contravened Schedule 11 of the Outdoor Advertising and Signage By-law. Yet, the EFF proceeded without the City's permission.’’

‘’Leading up to 20 March 2023, City staff and a City contractor proceeded to remove as many illegal posters as possible, sometimes under escort from Law Enforcement due to threats. In some areas it was simply too dangerous to remove these posters,’’ added Eddie Andrews, Mayco member for spatial planning and environment.

 EFF Western Cape Secretary, Banzi Dambuza, refuted the claims saying the municipality did not want the protest to go ahead.

‘’The EFF contacted the City for a permit to march and contacted the City of Cape town for a permit of the posters and they made sure they release the permit of the march and not the posters, so that they can be able to take us to court and trying to interdict us, from making sure we don’t have a national shutdown.’’

Dambuza claims the DA is being played by South Africa’s ruling party.

‘’The City of Cape Town has been used as a political tool - A platform for the DA to use the EFF. This is not the views not just in the city of Cape Town but other municipalities in the Western Cape. Upon the same length and line, the DA has failed in everything that they’ve done, because this was never about protecting the people, but protecting the agenda that they have to make sure President Cyril Ramaphosa stays president of the country and ANC, so that at the end of the day, when the ANC has less votes in the upcoming elections, they can go in coalition with DA, with  John Steenhuisen being deputy president of South Africa. This is why the DA is going out their way making sure they are fighting the EFF.’’

‘’This is why, previously, Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, came out, saying they are willing to be in talks with the ANC and not the EFF. So, it’s clear that the DA, going around saying they are against the ANC – they are not. They are in cahoots working together. Stellenbosch mafia platform [sic]– working hand in hand. So if we remove President Cyril Ramaphosa, the plan of John Steenhuisen being deputy president, does not come to effect.’’

‘’This issue is not about posters. This issue is not about an interdict to the EFF. This issue is not about the EFF to pay. The issue is about protecting Cyril so there plan can become a proper success,’’ added Banzi Dambuza, EFF Western Cape Secretary.

Andrews is giving the red berets an opportunity to remove the remaining posters and avoid paying a further fine.

‘’As with any other unauthorised signage displayed in the City, the cost of removing these posters will be recovered from the EFF so that we do not spend a cent of ratepayers' money to recover the expenses in labour, fuel, and other resources.’’

‘’The City regularly undertakes proactive enforcement to remove illegal and unauthorised signs from streetlight poles, traffic signal poles, electrical or service boxes, street furniture, walls, fences, trees, and other structures. We also take action when residents report illegal signs through the City's C3 service notification system. I encourage residents to please keep on reporting illegal posters and to provide us with the exact location so that we can remove these,’’ added the mayco member.

Andrews said the EFF was in contravention of the City’s by-law.

‘’The by-law regulates outdoor advertising in a manner that facilitates economic opportunities, but is also sensitive to Cape Town's natural and cultural environment. This is very important as each suburb has unique visual, historical and cultural value and appeal and we must protect and promote our city's sense of place, heritage, scenic routes and tourist destinations.’’

‘’Outdoor signage must be located at appropriate locations, and this is why the by-law guides the City when we assess applications. I encourage all to please comply with this by-law and to submit applications for outdoor signage to the City for approval prior to installation,’’ added Eddie Andrews, Mayco member for spatial planning and environment.

Done By: Mitchum George


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