TV crew attacked while covering 'National Shutdown' in CPT

A television crew came under attack, while they were driving on the N2 near the Borcherd's Quarry off-ramp, at Nyanga in the direction of Cape Town.

The SABC News crew were monitoring hotspots in the metro, as part of the ‘National Shutdown’

According to SABC News Western Cape, the car they - two reporters and a video journalist - were travelling in was hit by an object that was thrown by a man who was standing on the side of the road in the early hours of Monday morning.

COURTESY - Facebook: SABC News Western Cape

The video journalist, Oratile Tlhoaele, was taken to hospital for a medical examination following the incident

“We were driving on the N2 in the dark and it was raining hard at around 2 in the morning and suddenly a man appeared along the highway and threw and object at us, which smashed the front left window where Oratile was sitting. We managed to get away and we drove further until we could find law enforcement officers to whom we reported the matter. After that, we drove anxiously towards the City, and took Oratile to the hospital for a check-up,” said Corbin August, SABC reporter.


COURTESY - Facebook: SABC News Western Cape

Done By: Mitchum George


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