# A Grade 12 learner who was kicked out of school for wearing iintsimbi has returned to class


A Grade 12 learner who was kicked out of school for wearing iintsimbi has returned to class, the Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) is appealing for more stringent measures to curb similar cases in the future.

Two weeks ago, a group of learners from Esangweni Secondary School in Kuyasa, Khayelitsha, including the 19 year old  Inam Mathokaz, was forced out of the school for wearing traditional beads associated with intswaso - a journey to become a traditional healer.

Inam, who according to her family is training to become an isangoma, was left in limbo after not following the school orders while her peers returned to class.

 “We were informed that we are not allowed at the school for wearing beads and braids and on the 1 March the principal instructed us to leave the school and come back the following day without the beads, which we did but I fell sick” said Inam .

Inam’s mother, Babalwa Mathokazi said the school had instructed her daughter to return to school following a meeting with the school governing body (SGB) on Friday 10 March.

However, the lobby group for traditional health and healers blamed the provincial department of education for “undermining African cultures” and beliefs.

Director for communications in the provincial department of education Bronagh Hammond said a school’s Code of Conduct determines the prescribed uniform which must be worn by all learners who enrol at a school.

She said parents seeking an exception to the uniform code would need to apply to the School Governing Body for an exemption.

 Done By: Sibulele Stuurman


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