Four men were shot and killed in a mass shooting on Tuesday in Khayelitsha

The Provincial Serious and Violent Crimes unit made an arrest of two suspects aged 22 and 30 during an integrated operation following a mass murder in Khayelitsha.

Four men aged between 33 and 42 were shot and killed while they were travelling in a LDV in Y Block, and in the incident five other males aged between 23 and 39 were shot and wounded and admitted to hospital for treatment.

It is believed that it was a retaliation attack after accusations of a hijacking that was committed earlier in the area and an intensive investigation led to the arrest of the two suspects. One of the victims who was injured during the mass shooting was also arrested and is in hospital.

The suspects are expected to make their court appearances in Khayelitsha where two will face four charges of murder, five charges of attempted murder and the possession of unlicensed firearms.


Done by: Esobusi Mkangelwa


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