Monday, September 18, 2006

Christians protest against same sex marriages

By Tarryn Le Chat
18 September 2006

A group of Christians, who are against the Civil Unions Bill which only allows the ‘holy union’ between same sex couples, marched to Parliament on Saturday.

The Home affairs portfolio committee chairman Patrick Chauke, says he will not allow his religious beliefs to interfere with the way he and his committee deal with the draft legislation on gay marriages.

Protestors sang hymns, prayed and chanted “hallelujah” -- as Chauke addressed the crowd -- Chauke went on to say that some people thought politicians did not attend church.

When asked what church he belongs to, Chauke responded that it was his private business.

Opposed to the bill, African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) MP Steve Swart, who was standing alongside Chauke, addressed the crowd saying, “The institution of marriage has been the cornerstone of civilised society for thousands of years.”

The Home Affairs portfolio committee was scheduled to begin countrywide public hearings on the bill with a meeting in Soweto tomorrow, but Chauke said yesterday that this might not happen as planned.


At Monday, 18 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How is it that christians, who are supposed to be accepting and loving of all of "god's" creatures seem to be the most judgemental and hateful toward things they don't understand. I just can't figure that out. I love them like any human should love everyone, why do they hate me?

At Tuesday, 19 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It saddens me to think, that people who call themselves Christian, are behaving so anti-Christian.Why are these hate groups getting so much attention, when there are over seventy demonations, who have taken a stand for gay marriage. Why arent the real Christians, getting their rightful recognition.Calling yourself Christian, doesnt mean that thats what you are.Iam tired of seeing these hate groups, making the headlines, and the real Christians, being left out.

At Tuesday, 19 September, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At Tuesday, 03 October, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't call you self a Christian and suport Homosexuals. Hateing them and suporting them are two differant things. I hate homosexuality but I don't hate the homosexuals. If you are a realy christian then try reading the bible and you will see that God created marrige to be between a man and woman and he dose not approve of homosexual marrige. Look at it this way the point of mairrige is love between a man and a woman. Not to mention that homosexuals cant have kids and their sick acts cause them to get STD's and AID's.

At Tuesday, 07 November, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! Nobody but homosexuals gets STD's or AIDS, right? And men, or women who are infertile shouldn't be allowed to marry because they can't conceive children, right? Or those couples who choose not to conceive should be forced to divorce, right? Listen, hetero's have had a corner on the marriage market for a long time and the value has gotten pretty darn low, right? Why not let all loving couples have a crack at it.

At Saturday, 24 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1 Corinthians 6:
9 Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

Revelation 22:
14"Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. 15Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

16"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you[a] this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star." 17 The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.


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