Friday, September 15, 2006

Shebeens given a chance to legalise

By Anya van Wyk
15 September 2006

Township shebeens will have a year to legalise. They will be given temporary licences during this period and are required to meet the minimum standards of health and environmental bylaws to become legal.

According to the Cape Times, this will be enforced when the provincial liquor bill comes into being next year. The bill excludes shebeens associated with crime and that ignore bylaws. Legal liquor businesses that supply to shebeens will face fines and possible imprisonment.

There has to be an application of consent during the year. There are also certain regulations that will be instituted to receive consent from municipalities. The regulations are that liquor outlets cannot be near schools, mosques and churches. Signs stating that no sales will be made to minors have to be put up. Fire and safety issues also have to be dealt with by shebeen owners during this year, with permission from council.

If shebeen owners comply with the regulations and receive the necessary consent from the council and police during this year, a license will be issued.

Gareth Strachman, chairman of SA Local Government Association, said that if outlets loose their licence they will be subjected to the consequences of the bill. Imprisonment and a R100 000 fine are amongst the penalties.


At Tuesday, 10 April, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes shebeens are getting a change too legalise within one year..quistion being??

Did any one of u guys know that @ least 83% of shebeen owners dont even know what step too take first. Cause of the impoverished state, their local communities are inplated with, they actually dont stand a change at legalisation.

shebeen owner


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