Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Half of world's shark attacks occur in South Africa

By Nadia Samie
26 September 2006

At least half of the 99 Great White shark attacks that occurred worldwide since 1990 happened in South Africa. This is according to a study conducted by the Natal Sharks Board.

The study, by shark scientist Dr Jeremy Cliff, was published in Finding A Balance, a collection of specialist reports. The findings will be submitted to Cape Town authorities. It is intended to inform local government about strategies dealing with shark conservation.

Cliff says that it is still not known what causes the sharks to strike, as no patterns have emerged.

Cliff says that spearfisherman stood the greatest risk of being attacked by Great White’s, as the ventured far off-shore and spent several hours in the water. They also have “highly conspicuous silhouettes” and handle bleeding fish, which is attractive to sharks.

According to reports, 28 shark attacks have been reported in the Cape Peninsula since 1960.

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