Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Doctor falls to his death whilst hiking

By Odette Ismail
19 September 2006

After the body of a Johannesburg doctor was found in Wellington over the weekend, family and friends still cannot come to terms with his death.

Lloyd Turner, 30, fell 15 metres down a cliff in the Yellowwood Amphitheatre on Friday. He had been hiking with a friend when the incident occurred.

Hugo Vaughn, his partner in mountain climbing told the Cape Argus that Turner was studying as an orthopaedic surgeon and that he was an experienced mountain climber.

Vaughn also Duty manager for the Wilderness Search and Rescue said that Turner was very quiet, but confident.

Family members from KwaZulu-Natal arrived in Cape Town yesterday.

Rescuers searched for the two through bad conditions and steep terrain. They found his friend at 7-o-clock on Saturday morning and recovered Turners body at noon.


At Wednesday, 27 September, 2006, Anonymous Audrey Surtees said...

Our sons studied together, shared an internship year at the same hospital. With their first "pay" they splashed out .... Lloyd bought a climbing rope and they abseiled down from the 6th floor of the doctor's quarters at Greys Hospital in Pmb.

What a great, composed young man ..... how sad to lose him at such a young age. My deepest sympathy to his family, may God embrace you with His love always.


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