Thursday, September 14, 2006

New TB strain spreads to Johannesburg

By Anya van Wyk
14 September 2006

South African Health services are battling as the highly drug resistant strain of TB is now in Johannesburg. This was confirmed after a Johannesburg woman was found to have contracted the new strain of TB.

Ambulances and police were forced to go to the woman’s home as she did not follow the doctor’s order to stay at the Sizwe hospital and receive treatment. Officials intend to take court action against the women as she refuses to go into isolation says the Mail and Guardian.

Isolation is necessary to avoid the spread of this dangerous strain of TB. According to the Mail and Guardian there is a particular concern that people with HIV/Aids will contract the new strain.

Dr Tony Moll, who discovered the resistant strain, said that they are seeing two or three cases every month and that the new strain is everywhere.


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