Thursday, September 14, 2006

Issues confronting the Western Cape discussed

By Anya van Wyk
14 September 2006

Ebrahim Rasool, the premier of the Western Cape, addressed the media on key issues facing the Western Cape at present. Lynne Brown, Minister of Finance and Tourism, and Leonard Ramatlakane, Minister of Community Safety, joined him to discuss these issues.

Rasool first discussed the brutal murders of 7 children over the last three months in the Western Cape. He said that the community as well as the guardians need to take responsibility for the safety of children in conjunction with the government’s efforts to institute programmes that will protect the children. On such programme is ‘Hands off our children’.

Ramatlakane discussed the ways to keep children safe. He said that we need to know where children are at all times, keep them in sight, never send them alone anywhere and never leave them alone.

Rasool also discussed the attacks and murders of Somali’s by South Africans. He acknowledged the serious nature of the situation and said the attacks were rooted in economic conflict.

Lynne Brown addressed the destruction of the Southern Cape caused by floods and its effect on tourism. Talks to declare the Southern Cape a disaster region are underway. This will ensure that destruction can be repaired as soon as possible. Lynne Brown said that the perception that there is an economic meltdown is incorrect and that the tourism season should not be affected.

These issues were addressed and reflected on by the Cabinet members and possible solutions looked at.


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