Monday, September 18, 2006

Mystery at CT Airport

By Tarryn Le Chat
18 September 2006

Police sniffer dogs and explosive experts were rushed to Cape Town International Airport following a security alert that caused hundreds of passengers on domestic flights to be evacuated from the terminal.

According to the Cape Times, a delay of almost two hours affected other domestic flights, Airports Company of SA (ACSA) officials tried hard to downplay yesterday's drama.

In a statement all ACSA had to say was: "Following a security alert domestic departures out of Cape town were delayed for approximately one hour and 15 minutes."

Police spokesperson Randall Stoffels said, "ACSA's security called us and we sent out the dog unit."

Accoring to the report, ACSA's security chief Jody Egypt said, "I'm not at liberty to comment. We have a policy and procedure regarding this . You must put your questions forward to our communications officer."

All in all 409 passengers were affected by the delay of domestic flights.


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