Bonteheuwel mother selling pics of her naked daughter online, sentenced to 25 years imprisonment

A Bonteheuwel mother has been sentenced to 25 years imprisonment for selling naked pictures of her four-year-old daughter on the dark web.

PICTURE: Pixabay

The woman, who will not been named to protect her children, was arrested in March 2021.

The investigation was led by an agent from Homeland Security, who pretended to be a buyer, and traced her to Bonteheuwel after she allegedly received payments via PayPal.

The case was postponed on numerous occasions.

Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie, who was following the case, said the woman was found guilty on 70 counts ranging from rape to sexual assault, using children for pornographic purposes and distribution of child porn, amongst others

Previously, the National Prosecuting Authority said she is facing charges of manufacturing child pornography, possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography and financial gain from child pornography and rape.

McKenzie sent out a stern warning to individuals wanting to pursue in the same direction.

‘’This long-winded trial, which I tracked appearances after appearance, has now ended, and the rebuilding of the children's lives can start. I promised we would see justice in the case, and we have that justice.’’

‘’Let this be a lesson to other deranged individuals. You will be caught, and I will not rest until justice is served,’’ he added.


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