Joint Task Team & A Special Unit has been established to deal with taxi-related violence in Western Cape

A Joint Task Team has been established to deal with taxi-related violence in the Western Cape. Additionally, a special unit will be formed to spearhead prosecutor-guided investigations in cases involving taxi-related crimes. 

This was announced by Western Cape Mobility MEC, Ricardo Mackenzie, who held meetings with the South African Police Services (SAPS) and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), following the recent shootings in the minibus taxi industry.

Mackenzie explained that SAPS has a constitutional duty to prevent, combat and investigate crime, whilst the NPA has the power to institute criminal proceedings on behalf of the state and to carry out any necessary functions incidental to instituting criminal proceedings.


Mackenzie said about 555 taxi-related cases including murders and attempted murders were committed between 2019 to 2022. 

‘’The minibus-taxi industry has over the years been marred by incessant incidents of violence stemming mainly from overtrading, the monopolisation of taxi routes, a proliferation of illegal operators, turf battles and route invasions.  This has resulted in damage to property and the loss of human lives.

The on-going taxi violence has resulted in the suspension and de-registration of taxi associations and members and the cancellation of several operating licences.  As the Minister responsible for Mobility in the province, I can invoke my powers in terms of section 91 of the National Land Transport Act to introduce extra-ordinary measures in areas marred by taxi violence.  This has resulted in the closure of routes and ranks and the disruption of travel patterns.

Mackenzie says albeit these steps were taken, the violence in the taxi-industry has not stopped.

‘’Violence breeds further violence and if there are no consequences, it will continue to escalate.  It is clear that we cannot use our limited regulatory powers to deal with criminal actions. ‘’



He said he asked SAPS to provide a comprehensive report on how many of the cases are currently under investigation and the progress made in respect of each matter. Mackenzie further asked the NPA to provide a progress report on cases where criminal proceedings have been instituted.

‘’In our meetings, I urged both the SAPS and the NPA to prioritise taxi-related cases in terms of time and resources in order to stabilise the taxi industry and to demonstrate to our citizens that there are consequences for violent and criminal conduct.  Only successful convictions will stop or significantly reduce violent incidents in the taxi industry.’’

‘’To this end, I am pleased with the outcome of the meetings with the SAPS and the NPA, which led to an agreement to strengthen our relationship through the formation of a Joint Task Team to deal with taxi-related violence and the formation of a special unit to spearhead prosecutor-guided investigations in cases involving taxi-related crimes,’’ added Ricardo Mackenzie, Western Cape Mobility MEC.


Done By: Mitchum George


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