License of minibus driver in George, taken away, following reckless driving

A minibus taxi driver in George no longer possess an operating licence, after the Western Cape Mobility Department’s Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) cancelled it. This follows an investigation into complaints of a minibus taxi driver endangering the lives of passengers and other road users while attempting to escape traffic officials at a routine check point in George on 18 April 2023.

The incident – involving a high-speed chase – was video captured by a passenger inside the vehicle and went viral.

The PRE said it also received complaints from George Municipal Traffic Services and the Provincial Taxi Registrar regarding the driver’s, what it deemed, contemptuous behaviour.

MEC Ricardo Mackenzie said his department called an inquiry into the matter.

‘’The driver of the vehicle was stopped at a routine check point but refused to open any windows or doors to engage traffic officials. After making a call on his mobile phone, he drove off with municipal traffic officers in pursuit. The high-speed chase ended on the Thembalethu bridge where traffic was gridlocked. He eventually abandoned the vehicle and ran off into the residential area. In his attempt to get away, he drove into oncoming traffic and disregarded several stop and other traffic signs. In the video, passengers can be heard screaming, praying and begging the driver to stop, but he ignored these impassioned pleas. He was later arrested,’’ said Mackenzie.

‘’Upon further inspection, officials found that a copy of the operator card was displayed with incorrect information. The vehicle was also off-route. This type of route invasion is one of the main reasons for conflict and instability in the public transport industry,’’ he added.

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The MEC said the inquiry outcome was formally communicated to the minibus taxi operator on Monday.  Acting PRE chairperson, Fadhiel Jattiem, confirmed the operating licence was cancelled.

‘’The PRE’s approach is to first correct the behaviour of operators and drivers.  However, in certain cases, the PRE is compelled to exercise its most extreme statutory powers to set a good precedent for the Western Cape and to ensure that passengers are treated with respect and courtesy. We have a duty to rid the system of operators and drivers who refuse to comply with the law and actively make our roads more dangerous for everyone.’’

The PRE said it held 169 hearings. Of these, 105 operating licences were amended to prevent route-related tension, one suspension, 28 warnings issued, and 10 operating licences being cancelled for misconduct.


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