Four arrested for murder of woman near Wynberg court

Four suspects aged between 24 and 33, believed to be behind the murder of a woman near the Wynberg Magistrates’ Court, last Thursday, has been arrested.

As previously reported, the woman was walking in the street near the court when she was approached by unknown gunmen who started shooting at her, wounding her fatally.

The police’s Malcolm Poje said the victim was gunned down after leaving the court building en-route to the taxi rank.

SCREENSHOT from video

The four suspects are expected to make their court appearance in the Wynberg Magistrates’ court on Monday, on a charge of murder.

‘’The investigation took the integrated investigation team to different locations within the Cape Metropole where they conducted tracing operation and arrested the four suspects after they were positively linked with the murder through thorough investigation and forensic evidence. Police also seized a silver Nissan Tiïda as well as cellular phones that will be analysed,’’ said Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Pojie.

‘’Due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, no further detail will be divulged,’’ he added.

The Western Cape’s police Oversight & Community Safety MEC, Reagen Allen, welcomed the arrest. Allen urged the public to refrain from sharing the CCTV footage of the incident, online.

‘’I welcome the arrest of four suspects in connection of the brazen fatal shooting in Wynberg… No person deserves to die in such a horrific matter.

‘’This heartless killing has been making the rounds on social media and I am pleased that SAPS acted in such a swift manner. I urge ALL to desist from sharing this and any other related video, and rather hand it over to SAPS so it can be added to the body of evidence. It is important that the individuals make their court appearance and we do not want suspects to maneuver their way out of this particular case based on technicalities. We should also allow the investigation and court processes to run its course,’’ he added.


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