Six Cape Fur seals stabbed at sea, and washed ashore at Kommetjie’s Long Beach

Six Cape Fur seals have been stabbed at sea, and washed ashore at Kommetjie’s Long Beach, most likely due to drowning because of the trauma from their wounds.

The City of Cape Town’s Coastal Management branch said it received reports from Kommetjie residents on Wednesday, that six large Cape Fur seals have washed ashore dead, each with what appeared to be unusual wounds.

SUPPLIED: City of Cape Town

The six carcasses – three males and three females – were taken to the Cape of Good Hope’s SPCA for X-rays and full post-mortems to determine the cause of death.

‘’The carcasses were delivered to the CGHSPCA on Wednesday evening. X-ray and post mortems conducted by Sea Search and a wildlife forensics team confirmed that all six seals have been stabbed most likely while at sea, and as a result of traumas sustained from the stabbing, drowned and washed ashore at Kommetjie's Long Beach,’’ said Eddie Andrews, Cape Town Deputy Mayor and Mayco Member for Spatial Planning and Environment.

‘’This is a horrific incident, and should sadden all of us. I want to plead with anyone who may have witnessed this incident to report the details to the CGHSPCA. We need to ensure that an appropriate example is set so that this senseless waste and cruelty to our marine wildlife does not happen again,’’ he added.

The SPCA’s Belinda Abraham confirmed that the post-mortem were conducted, adding that two female seals were pregnant.

‘’The wounds were all identical made by the same weapon wielded by the same person, differing only in their penetrated depths. Some of the wounds pierced hearts and lungs and others stab hit bones and damaged other organs. What is sad that both female seals were pregnant, so in actual fact, eight seals were killed if you count the two unborn.’’


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