Fourth body found dumped in Macassar

The body of a 35-year-old man was discovered in Macassar on Saturday, three days after another body was discovered in the same area, bringing the tally to four.

SUPPLIED: Peter Helfrich

The police’s Wesley Twigg said the body was discovered by a member of the public on Macassar Road, Macassar. He added that an inquest was registered for investigation and a post-mortem will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Last Thursday, a body was found floating in a pool of wateron Macassar Road in Macassar. Last Saturday, the body of an unidentified woman,who is suspected to be in her thirties, was found floating in shallow water on Macassar beach. The body was discovered by a fisherman. A day later, the bodyof a man that is suspected to have been stabbed to death was found in thebushes on Macassar Road.

Ward 109 Councillor, Peter Helfrich, says Macassar has become a hotspot for criminals to dump bodies. He blames it on a combination of failures by Eskom and SAPS to provide the services they are required to deliver.

‘’It is very clear that almost all of the bodies being dumped in the ward are bodies of persons who do not reside in the ward.’’

He says it is very likely that they have been murdered elsewhere and dumped in Macassar.

‘’The rapid increase in the dumping of bodies in the ward coincides with the extended Eskom power outages we are experiencing. It is not the first time bodies have been found dumped here. Macassar seems to be becoming a dumping hotspot for bodies.” – said Peter Helfrich, Ward 109 councillor.

‘’It is important to understand that Macassar is an Eskom-supplied area. It pains me to admit this, but residents in our ward have, to a certain extent, forced themselves to make peace with load-shedding. What makes it unbearable for residents is the extended power outages that start when load-shedding ends. These prolonged power outages at times last for days on end. It is inhumane to expect residents to accept additional power outages over and above load-shedding,’’ he added.

Helfrich wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa in May, askingto intervene in the situation.


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