City of Cape Town worried about drunk drivers

The City of Cape Town has expressed concern about the high number of motorists who are caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to the city, the number of drunk driving arrests has almost doubled over the past week, from 38 compared to 68, the week before.

City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Safety & Security, JP Smith said some of these offenders have never been to court even though they were arrested for the same offence before.

Smith says he is not surprised as these, he says, are the norm during payday weekends. He called on the Department of Justice to do its part by making sure people who are arrested have their day in court.

'The trend is unsurprising and what we have come to expect at certain times of the month, most notably around month-end. This past weekend, one of those arrested admitted to being a repeat offender who hasn't yet seen the inside of a courtroom. It is disheartening to hear these stories, particularly when one considers how dangerous and frankly, reckless, drunk driving is, and our country's ongoing struggle with road fatalities. Our officers continue to do the hard yards on the ground, but if we really want to send a strong message to offenders, and effect the necessary behavior change, the criminal justice system needs to move more swiftly. It's no wonder that offenders are brazen enough to continue their bad behavior, because on the face of it, there do not appear to be any real consequences. However, our officers will continue to enforce the law to the best of their ability, particularly as we move towards summer and increased traffic volumes on our roads,' said Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith.


Picture: Getty Images

Done by: Alungile Njemla 


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