Elderly man sentenced for robbing wholesaler in Epping

An elderly man was sentenced at the Khayelitsha Priority Crime Court on Thursday, to six years imprisonment for conspiracy to commit robbery, amongst others.

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60-year-old Solomon Ngesi, is one of three men, who was involved in an attempted robbery at Giant sweets in Epping back in October 2015. Three other suspects died as a result of their gunshot wounds sustained on the day of the incident. 

‘’The sentence emanates from incident that occurred during October 2015 where information was received that a group of men were planning to carry out a Cash in Transit robbery at Giant Sweets, Benbow Avenue, Epping. A few days later further information was received that the group of men changed the plan, and intended to commit an armed robbery at Giant Sweets,’’ said Zinzi Hani, Provincial Hawks spokesperson.

‘’Further investigation was done, operation was carried out to hold observation and attempt to prevent the armed robbery. On 16 October  2015, the Hawks National Priority Violent Crimes (NPVC) team was notified that the suspects were on their way to carry out the armed robbery. The NPVC team and members from NIU were activated, and proceeded to the business premises.‘’

‘’Shortly after arriving at the business premises, the suspects arrived, and entered the premises brandishing firearms. The members from NIU confronted the suspects, which resulted in a temporary stand-off.  The NIU members reacted, and a shootout ensued,’’ explained Zinzi Hani, Provincial Hawks spokesperson.

A breakdown of Ngesi's sentences

She added that all accused have been in custody since 2015, and that the case against the remaining two accused has been postponed to 14 September, for a new attorney. Hani said both accused are still in custody.


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