Carl Pophaim is Cape Town’s new Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements

Carl Pophaim is the City of Cape Town’s new Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements.

PICTURED: Facebook - Carl Pophaim

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis made the announcement on Tuesday morning.

Pophaim has been serving on the City's Portfolio Committee for Human Settlements for close to five years, also sitting on the Planning Appeals Advisory Panel among others.

Hill-Lewis says he has full confidence in Pophaim.

‘’Carl is a young and talented councillor who has distinguished himself in the Human Settlements portfolio, and is also a past junior mayor of Cape Town. I am excited about the value he will bring to this portfolio - especially the important work we are doing to enable micro-developers and to release City-owned land to deliver much more affordable housing across the city. He has the energy to get things done and the proven mettle from his experience in both the Human Settlements and Planning Appeals committees,’’ said Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cape Town Mayor.

Malusi Booi was let go from his position as the City of Cape Town’s Mayoral committee member for Human Settlements in March 2023, following alleged cases of fraud and corruption. Booi however remains a councillor.

PICTURED: Facebook - Carl Pophaim: Carl Pophaim (right) replaces Malusi Booi (left) as Mayco Member for Human Settlements

James Vos, who is the mayco member for economic opportunities, acted as Mayco Member for Human Settlements. Hill-Lewis thanked Vos for standing in.

‘’[I thank Alderman Vos] for the way in which he applied himself with much positivity and hard work as acting Mayco member these past months. Under Ald Vos' stewardship there has been continued momentum on accelerated land release for well-located affordable housing,'’ said said Geordin Hill-Lewis, Cape Town Mayor.


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