Minibus-Taxi Task Team signs agreement to safeguard commuters

The Minibus-Taxi Task Team’s (MBTTT) three-day Imbizo has ended, and an agreement that safeguards commuter safety and outlines a clear process for continued cooperation was signed.


City of Cape Town, Western Cape Government, and SANTACO-WC – sat for three days to systematically work through the enforcement consequences for each of the operating license conditions reviewed.

In a joint statement, the trio said it has found common ground on what are ‘’fair and rational consequences’’ for most of the operating license condition transgressions.

‘’Underpinning this exercise is the mutual priority to address fundamental challenges in the transport sector and deliver functional, reliable, safe mobility for our commuters,’’ read the statement.

“We have committed to completing this task within a four-week period, starting today, 31 August 2023, and will redouble our efforts to find common ground on the outstanding points of disagreement,’’ it added.


Done By: Esona Mfazwe


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