Public Emergency Communication Centre recorded 40% increase on car accidents in the previous week

The City of Cape Town’s Public Emergency Communication Centre recorded 70 incidents of car accidents over the weekend compared to 50 the previous week. Traffic Service recorded a marked increase in traffic offences. 

Metro Police Department made 18 arrests for drunk driving in Kuils River, and on a Sunday, no less. The Traffic Service recorded a 64% increase in offences, week-on-week. 

Mayco member for Safety and Security, JP Smith said Road safety is a shared responsibility, but the statistics show very little evidence to support that. 

“It's of grave concern, as we head into the festive season, which is one of our busiest periods on the roads. We'll be ramping up our operations, so I'd advise road users to change gears, or face the consequences,” said JP Smith.

Traffic Service recorded 73 004 offences last week, compared to 44 587 the week before. Overall arrests also were up, from 67 to 83, with 58 arrests for driving under the influence, 13 for reckless and negligent driving and 12 for various other charges.


Done By: Esona Mfazwe



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