Friday, June 27, 2008

Solidarity secures wage victory in petroleum sector

By Tina George
27 June 2008

Solidarity secured a bonus in the petroleum sector with the signing of a wage agreement for a wage increase of 12% for employees in this sector.

According to Solidarity, the agreement follows after a dispute round in the sector that was concluded yesterday. A dispute was declared in this sector in June after employers and trade unions reached a deadlock during negotiations.

Solidarity spokesperson for the chemical industry Marius Croucamp said that with the start of this week’s dispute round employers had only offered an increase of 10,5%. Solidarity and the other trade unions represented in the petroleum sector opened the round with a demand of 14%.

“The agreement is a victory for Solidarity and its members and a benefit to employees in the current economic climate. Solidarity started the negotiations with a double-figure target and we attained that target,” says Croucamp.


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