Monday, June 30, 2008

Solidarity supports Eskom’s Maroga

By Anela Siwa
30 June 2008

The trade union Solidarity has welcomed the news that Jacob Maroga, chief executive of Eskom, has rejected the bonus for this year.

“We would like to join in the constructive criticism against Eskom. This means that we would like to work with Eskom to realise a new dream for the provision of electricity in South Africa, but we will be critical about obstacles in the way of realising the dream. We appeal to everyone in South Africa to seek a positive solution to the electricity crisis, but to do it in a critical manner,” says Dirk Hermann, deputy general secretary for Solidarity.

Hermann says Maroga has an open move towards to employees and pay careful attention when solutions are required.

“Answers to the electricity problems often come from workers on the job floor and not from council chambers,” he added.

According to Herman under Maroga’s leadership a number of changes were made.
Herman mentioned the termination of the contract of the managing director concerned with coal acquisition as one of the major changes.

This follows after Maroga rejected to take his bonus and made several changes to Eskom’s top management.

“Solidarity dreams of an Eskom that could provide South Africa with affordable and sustainable electricity. We dream of the successful implementation of extensions to the value of R350 billion and extensions of R1,3 trillion within 20 years. We dream of generating an additional 22 000 MW by 2017. We dream of the successful training of approximately 1000 engineers and 6000 artisans that would be required for the expansions. We dream of an Eskom that is the backbone of an economic growth of 6%. We are willing to work hard with Maroga to realise the dream, at times the cooperation will be cordial and at times it will be tense,” he explained.


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