Tuesday, September 23, 2008

City clamps down on drunk drivers

By Mishkah Anthony
23 September 2008

An increasing number of motorists are risking driving under the influence of alcohol in Cape Town.

11 drunken drivers were apprehended over the past few days in the city centre and in Camps Bay by Cape Town Traffic Services.

Cape Town Traffic Services spokesperson Merle Lourens says far too many road accidents are related to drunk driving, especially late at night or in the early.
As part of an on-going road safety campaign, traffic officers will increase their patrols between 9pm and 1am.

"We are also targeting unsafe and unlicensed taxis. During the past few days, six unroadworthy combi taxis were immediately suspended from use on a public road, and others were fined for driving with smooth tyres.”

"Several taxi drivers were caught for driving unlicensed vehicles, or without driving licenses, road carrier permits or professional driving permits.”

The Traffic Department is urging members of the public to report any reckless driving to 0860 POLICE (0860 765 423).


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