Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Singapore gets ready for first ever night race

By Mikhaila Crowie
23 September 2008

Formula One will experience one of its darkest days ever as the first night race will parade through the streets of Singapore.

No doubt, this will be challenging for many as this will test the mental agility.

The race has already demanded unusual preparation. Mclaren driver Lewis Hamilton said they will get up at early afternoon for breakfast and will go to bed at 3am.

Hamilton’s rival, Kimi Raikkonen, said he prefers a night race as he is “more awake in the evenings than in the mornings”.

BMW’s Nick Heidfeld agreed with Raikkonen said he is more of a night person than an evening person.

As if a night race was not hard enough, forecasters are predicting it to rain, as the region is known for its monsoon downpours.

However, track officials said the night time will not pose any major challenges.


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